Have you ever changed schools? Changed jobs? Moved to a different state? What was the ripple effect to you and your family? One day, Jesus was in Capernaum walking by the Sea of Galilee. That day He changed to vocation of two FISHERMEN into FISHERS OF MEN. How might the Lord Jesus be working through your vocation to continue His Ripple Effect?


Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Here’s a fairly obvious and not so radical thought: How about you start at the beginning. Right where you are with what you have. In Luke’s Gospel, the public ministry of Jesus starts in a familiar town, His hometown, at the beginning. Jesus began a good work in you (Philippians 1:6). How is His ripple effect still at work?


Have you ever said to yourself, “don’t pray for patience.” We know that patience is hard and impossible apart from the Spirit. However, through the Spirit’s working patience in us, He shapes our character which produces fruit of kindness and goodness. (Pentecost Sunday)


The greatest of all fruit is Love. In fact, all other fruits of the Spirit flow from the greatest of these (1 Corinthians 13). As with Love and all Fruits OF THE SPIRIT, these are not our works but His gracious work in us which flows into the lives of our neighbor.


Hospitality should be geared toward strangers and unbelievers. Many people met Jesus at a dinner table. Are they meeting him at your dinner table?

The Great Commandment

Our use of technology can be a witness to our faith. Application Point: Does your use of technology help people learn about Jesus—or alienate them from him?

Salt and Light

Your home can be a headquarters for local missions. Application Point: Take a tangible step this week to get to know one of your neighbors.


We are to serve Jesus at and through our job. Treat every person at work—whether a coworker or an angry customer—as if Jesus were in them or standing right behind them.


Topics: Discipleship, Faith, Calling Big Idea of the Message: A disciple is called to call others. Application Point: Who or what are you being discipled by?

Easter 2022

Happy Easter!