Mapping the journey of faith
About Milestones at Prince of Peace

When preparing for a trip, one takes time to map out the path and budget the cost of how one will reach their destination. Milestones at Prince of Peace in just that, but with your family’s faith journey! Together we can help you to map out what faith looks like in your family, centered around Christ. We believe faith grows best in the home, and God uses you, as parents as the primary faith facilitators.

Milestones are intentional celebrations in the journey your child walks with Jesus Christ. Five milestones will be highlighted from baptism through graduation.

Stepping Stones are key teachings for individuals to grow in their faith which are not specific to any age. These concepts will be presented in various ways, from blog articles written by Prince of Peace families to retreats and events.

Each stepping stone will be presented in each season of life. There are four seasons, Preschool, Grade School, Middle School and High School.

Baptism Milestone is the genesis of each child’s faith journey. Just as God created everything, so God creates faith in your child through Baptism.

Stepping Stones - Blessing


Blessings are a key aspect to any family in scripture. Children receive this blessing from their parents, and in turn continue to bless their own children later in life. These blessings include continually praying for your children and teaching your children to pray.


Stepping Stones - Worship


Worship on Sundays as a family is a key aspect of faith development for any child. We firmly believe this is an essential part of a persons faith - no matter how old one is. Worship goes beyond Sundays, worship is lived out every day.


Stepping Stones - Servanthood


We aim to see the needs of God’s people in the world around us. God has called us to be helpers and healers. We seek to leave God’s mark on everything we do by being the very hands and feet of Jesus Christ.


Stepping Stones - God's Best For You

God's Best For You

God has made each and every one of us unique in His special way. Our bodies should be valued and understood as belonging to God. Through this stepping stone children and youth will see the blessings of sexuality, puberty, and the heart God has blessed within each of them.


Stepping Stones - Sticky Faith

Sticky Faith

How do we create a home which lifts and values the faith God has given us, so much so that this faith sticks to our children even after they’ve graduated high school? We look to build our home so our children look to Jesus, even when they’re not living with us.