Good Friday 2022

John 18 and 19

Guarding Tombs

Today, we add our voices to those shouting Hosanna, "Save us Lord." Yet we still permit shame to haunt our past and our present. Is shame standing watch over any dead things in your life? Fast guarding that tomb. Jesus' empty tomb means that shame has no ground on which to stand for the old has passed away and behold the new has come.


Jesus is enough. His shed blood was sufficient for our salvation. Adding to Him only draws us further away from His all-sufficient work. In honor of Jesus' loss of blood for your soul, and toward sensitizing yourself to ways in which you are adding what is unnecessary to your faith, fast adding anything to life today.

Week 5

God transforms Christians from death to life through the power of Jesus Christ. We do good works out of enormous gratitude for God’s salvation granted to us through Jesus Christ.


Judas held the moneybag, the power, and an honored position of being counted among the twelve. Yet somehow it was not enough. Today, fast daydreaming of more. Refuse to allow discontentment space in your soul. Instead, thank God for anything in your current reality for which you can be grateful. (also, the purple neon was turned on!)

Week 4

Though sin separates us from God and brings terrible consequences into our lives, God remains faithful to us. We can trust that God does not abandon us because of our sin. Instead, we can confess our sins and be confident that he is faithful to forgive.


Apathy describes an emotional disconnect from life in general and suffering in particular. In a society drowning in bad news, apathy can seem an attractive alternative. Jesus, no doubt, witnessed many injustices during His life on earth, but He did not turn over many tables. Let us ask God to awaken us from our slumber of apathy.

Week 3

James teaches that faith is to be lived out and that our temptation to sin is rooted in our own desires and motives. The believer can live a life that is motivated by their faith instead of their failures. Repentance plays a vital role in keeping our selfishness in check.

Religious Profiling

Day 11 Who do we spiritually underestimate? The elderly? The young? The poor? The wealthy? The beautiful? The disabled? People bring children to Jesus and the disciples try to stop them (Luke 18:15-17). A rich ruler approaches Jesus and the disciples do not interfere (Luke 18:18-30). A blind beggar cries out to Jesus and the disciples tell him to be quiet (Luke 18:35-43). A tax collector climbs a tree, and the disciples are silent (Luke 19). What group or class of people would you have turned away from Jesus?