God has given his people the joyful task of actively remembering what He has done for and through us – a chance to celebrate, give thanks, and teach our children. We have been changed in the past year by God’s grace, in both challenging and joyful ways; remembering these whings will empower us to move into the future.

Christmas Eve 2021

Joy to the World! The Lord is Come! The story of Jesus' Birth from Luke 2:1-11

December 19, 2021

God is at work in every stage of our lives and will bring all things to completion. Advent finds us waiting for the unknowable adventure of a life uninhibited by our earthly limitations. Like a young adult waiting to launch, we can rest in the safety of our current home, while looking forward to our beautiful future.

Wednesday, December 15

When you feel inconvenienced and displaced, God may have something unique in store for you. Don’t get discouraged when your expectations aren’t met. Keep going and see God’s plan for your life flourish. This Advent series is based on the book "The Christmas Option: The Hidden Options Found in the Christmas Story" by Jonathan Malm.

December 12, 2021

Anticipating the birth of a child stirs up all sorts of conflicting feelings. Jesus’s birth stirred up the entire world. Waiting for the birth of a child brings expectant joy and anxiety of the unknown. As we wait for Jesus, we can embrace the beauty with the mess.

Wednesday, December 8

Look for God’s unique opportunities when your routine gets interrupted. If we want to love God and others, we must allow our routines to be interrupted. This Advent series is based on the book "The Christmas Option: The Hidden Options Found in the Christmas Story" by Jonathan Malm.

Waiting doesn’t mean inactivity. The Lord has shown and instructed us how to live in anticipation of His return. Who knew that waiting could actually be productive and fulfilling?

Wednesday, December 1

Disappointments in life are opportunities to worship, trust God, and encourage others. Many people get stuck in the disappointments and pain of life. As believers, however, we have an opportunity to channel those troubles into a bigger purpose.

When Isaiah promised the birth of a savior for the people of Israel, they didn’t know how long it would take to get the gift, but their hope endured. Like a child waiting for Christmas morning, the believer can be confident that in due time, what God gives will not disappoint.

Generosity is a virtue that comes from the character of God and consists of giving to others without expecting anything in return. We will be generous to others just as God is generous to us.