The Greatest Gift

When you think about Jesus’ coming and imminent return, which of the gifts that He brings is the most precious? Peace-Love-Hope-Joy? All of these are wonderful gifts. But what about the forgiveness of sin? Join us on Christmas morning as we celebrate and receive the greatest gift of all – the forgiveness of sins.

Ugly Actions

Our ugly thoughts, our ugly words, lead to ugly actions. Join us as we “set our minds on things that are above,” and celebrate that, through Baptism, we have been clothed in Christ.


Can you imagine? The Creator comes to His creation and His own people, and they do not know Him. How dark must it be to not even recognize Him? Join us as we celebrate the Light of the World who came into our darkness and sin to not only turn on the lights, but to adopt you as a son or daughter.

Ugly Words

Spending time with friends and family during the Christmas season can too often result in us saying things that we regret. Tensions can run high, and if we’re not careful to tame our tongues, we can find ourselves hurting those we love with our ugly words. “No human being can tame the tongue” – but God can.


“The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” Most likely you’ve heard those words before. At Christmas, we typically think of angels and wisemen, but the Word becoming flesh is the most significant part of Christmas. One that has implications for us today. Join us for worship to discover why.

Ugly Thoughts

My ugly thoughts are where my ugly words, motives, and actions originate. The war of life is fought in the battlefield of the mind. Join us as we “set our minds on things that are above,” and celebrate that we have been clothed in Christ.

Enough is Enough 5

Contentment comes from changed priorities. When it comes to how you spend your day, what are you placing first: God’s kingdom or something else?

Enough is Enough (Thanksgiving Eve)

We can be content in Christ. We don’t have to continually seek after the latest, greatest thing; instead, we seek Christ, and he will satisfy our desires.

Enough is Enough 3

The road to contentment is filled with traps and snares. We are convinced that there is a large Return On Investment (ROI) when we pursue enough. But, in God’s upside-down economy, the greatest ROI comes through godliness and contentment.

Enough is Enough 2

God loves you unconditionally. God’s love for you knows no limits; you are loved by the God of the universe forever.

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