Cannonball Week 6

Please think about this question: “Why do you come to worship?” To hear a sermon? If so, isn’t it more convenient to watch on-line? Plus, wouldn’t you rather listen to Billy Graham than Pastor Micah? Do you worship to have fellowship with other believers? If so, isn’t your small group sufficient for that? Plus, they have brownies. Do you worship to hear the music? If so, isn’t all the music you want at the touch of a button? Plus, you can play only the songs you like. If you’ve ever said about worship, “I didn’t get anything out of it,” perhaps you’ve forgotten why you come to worship.

Cannonball Week 5

I know what you’re thinking. Prince of Peace is promoting Worship, Connect, and Serve to increase worship attendance and increase the number of people in small groups and Bible Studies. You know what – you’re right! But the real reason has nothing to do with glorifying us. It’s all about the Lord’s working through us to “add day by day those who were being saved.” It has been said, “The Lord does not have a Mission for His Church, He has a Church for His Mission.” Do you desire people to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth? Then, like the Church in Acts 2, let’s devote ourselves. Let’s cannonball.

Cannonball Week 4

Don’t be gross! Yes, you read that right. Imagine seeing a severed limb lying on the ground detached from the body. Wouldn’t that be gross? Based on Paul’s analogy of the Church being “the body of Christ,” in many ways, that’s what the Church is - severed body parts detached from the body. It’s time to cannonball because the body needs you.

Cannonball Week 3

Some believe in, “Once saved – always saved.” In other words, as long as you’ve been Baptized into Christ, believe in His name, you’re good to go. So, don’t worry about anything. Sleep in on Sunday morning. Forget prayer. It doesn’t work anyway. Why read the Bible? Besides, it’s too hard to understand. Persecution? That’s for the hard-core wackos but not for me. If any of this is true, then Hebrews should not even be in the Bible. What is the book of Hebrews saying to the Church then as well as today?

Cannonball Week 2

Some say, “The Church in America is dying.” Others predict that the Church in America will soon look like the Church in Europe. In 2022, for the first time, the majority of England is no longer Christian. At a glance, it sure appears as though the gates of Hell ARE prevailing against the Church. The question is, “Who determines whether the Church stands or falls?” How did it happen that a rag tag band of misfits turned the greatest superpower in the world (Rome) upside down with nothing but the word of the cross and the empty tomb? Have we not been entrusted with the same message?

Cannonball Week 1

Are you ready to cannonball? Wait just a moment. First, is the water going to be cold? Is it deep enough? Will you hit someone else in the pool? Will someone who doesn’t want to be wet get splashed? Before you yell CANNONBALL, be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Light (Christmas 2022)

During Advent, we celebrate the arrival of Jesus – God in the flesh. But this truth is more than just a miraculous event. It is the foundation of God’s divine revelation in Jesus and the fulfillment of His plan and promise to bring salvation to the world. Join us as the Word reveals the significance of our Creator and God who shines His light in the darkness.

The Christmas Story

Candlelight Christmas Eve Service

The Greatest Gift

When you think about Jesus’ coming and imminent return, which of the gifts that He brings is the most precious? Peace-Love-Hope-Joy? All of these are wonderful gifts. But what about the forgiveness of sin? Join us on Christmas morning as we celebrate and receive the greatest gift of all – the forgiveness of sins.

Ugly Actions

Our ugly thoughts, our ugly words, lead to ugly actions. Join us as we “set our minds on things that are above,” and celebrate that, through Baptism, we have been clothed in Christ.

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