Week 4

Though sin separates us from God and brings terrible consequences into our lives, God remains faithful to us. We can trust that God does not abandon us because of our sin. Instead, we can confess our sins and be confident that he is faithful to forgive.


Apathy describes an emotional disconnect from life in general and suffering in particular. In a society drowning in bad news, apathy can seem an attractive alternative. Jesus, no doubt, witnessed many injustices during His life on earth, but He did not turn over many tables. Let us ask God to awaken us from our slumber of apathy.

Week 3

James teaches that faith is to be lived out and that our temptation to sin is rooted in our own desires and motives. The believer can live a life that is motivated by their faith instead of their failures. Repentance plays a vital role in keeping our selfishness in check.

Religious Profiling

Day 11 Who do we spiritually underestimate? The elderly? The young? The poor? The wealthy? The beautiful? The disabled? People bring children to Jesus and the disciples try to stop them (Luke 18:15-17). A rich ruler approaches Jesus and the disciples do not interfere (Luke 18:18-30). A blind beggar cries out to Jesus and the disciples tell him to be quiet (Luke 18:35-43). A tax collector climbs a tree, and the disciples are silent (Luke 19). What group or class of people would you have turned away from Jesus?

From Ashes to Ashes

Genuine repentance leads to God’s forgiveness and restoration of both the individual and the community. God is forgiving and brings restoration when we repent of our sins and turn to him.


Regret empties anticipation, flattens dreams, and suffocates hope because regret is a form of self-punishment. Come, enter into the season of Lent and fast from regrets and trust the one who, through the cross, is making all things new.

Ash Wednesday

Death is something we can count on. As Christians, we want to make sure we have a proper, healthy understanding of our mortality. How you view death can be a plumb line for your faith.

Being Challenge Week 6

Every single day of His ministry, Jesus would spend His time in the temple courts. Church today looks very different from the day that Jesus walked this Earth. Even our churches may look very different from each other today. In a world filled with so much bad news, we crave and need the consistent practice of gathering together as a church to hear the Good News of God's faithfulness in our past, His presence in our present, and His hope for our future. This constant reminder of God's grace is what propels us to grow in our relationship with Him and compels us to be more like Him.

Being Challenge Week 5

We live in a very loud and distracting world. It is very easy to become enamored with the things of this world and lose our focus on why we exist. Jesus, in the midst of pressure, stress, and busyness managed to remain focused on His mission that would lead Him all the way to the grave and back. One of the regular practices of Jesus that helped Him keep His focus was solitude with God. In order for us to stay focused on the mission God has for us, may we turn off the noise of this world and spend alone time with God.

Being Challenge Week 4

Any solid relationship must have regular communication. Prayer is our chance to communicate with God. Jesus was in constant communication with God through prayer. We live in a world with more options than ever today. In our very confusing world, prayer with God not only gives us much-needed direction, but also reminds us of the power of the one we are praying to.