Enough is Enough (Thanksgiving Eve)

We can be content in Christ. We don’t have to continually seek after the latest, greatest thing; instead, we seek Christ, and he will satisfy our desires.

Enough is Enough 3

The road to contentment is filled with traps and snares. We are convinced that there is a large Return On Investment (ROI) when we pursue enough. But, in God’s upside-down economy, the greatest ROI comes through godliness and contentment.

Enough is Enough 2

God loves you unconditionally. God’s love for you knows no limits; you are loved by the God of the universe forever.

Enough is Enough

God supplies everything we need. Discontentment can often arise out of fear, but the antidote to fear is knowing that God will supply everything we need.

FOR Us and that includes You

In these challenging times, it’s easy to compare our struggles with another. This can lead us to minimize our pain by saying, “I don’t have it as bad as them.” During this series we’ve explored who God is FOR and, as a result, we are FOR. As we focus on others, which is good, and focus on the mission, which is essential, remember that God is FOR Us – including You.

FOR the World

How do you know that you’re FOR something or someone? You’ll know based on what you’re willing to sacrifice. Are you FOR your family? You are if you’re willing to sacrifice for them. Are you FOR a particular hobby? You are if you’re willing to sacrifice for it. God is FOR the world. How do you know, because He gave His own Son for it. For the world – FOR you.

FOR our Neighbor

In the familiar story about the Good Samaritan, Jesus calls out the priest and the Levite for not stopping to help. Why the priest and the Levite? Because they were the ones who should have known better? Because they are people you would expect to show mercy? Or could it be that they were in a hurry to get to the temple to take care of their religious responsibilities that they had no time for the true religion spoken of by James 1:27? Join us for worship on Sunday unless you first need to show mercy to your neighbor.

FOR People

Imagine someone sitting at home while you gather for worship on Sunday morning. You wonder, “Why aren’t they in worship?” Years ago, attending a worship service may have been a consideration, but for a growing majority today, gathering for a worship service isn’t even on their radar. Why is that? Could one reason be Church isn’t for them because the Church isn’t FOR them? Join us this Sunday as we gather as the people of God who are FOR people because He is FOR people.

Open Doors

We are made for hospitality. Every single person in your household is hungry for purpose. God wants us to relate to the wider world with hospitality. And the more we do, the more spiritually vibrant our homes will become.

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