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Refuge of Hope Peru provides academic opportunities, emotional support, and spiritual care. Their mission is to impart hope and offer a safe place to children and families living in Huaycán, a developing shantytown outside of Lima, Peru. Refuge of Hope provides a before and after-school program to boost academic performance, provide a safe and supportive environment, develop new skills, and spark new interests. They also offer higher education scholarships so low-income students can have a fair chance at success. Refuge of Hope supports vulnerable families by providing monthly parenting classes and linking them with community social services. They provide short-term assistance and donations for families that face needs or experience an economic crisis. Refuge of Hope is committed to creating a safe space where children learn Bible stories and Christian values, like during their Vacation Bible School and Saturday Bible club. Refuge of Hope is committed to sharing the Gospel, discipleship, and connecting families with a local church. Refuge of Hope Peru was founded in 2011 after Amber Davies Carrión, a daughter of POPLC, moved to Peru after college. Amber was involved in missions to Peru during high school, thanks to Prince of Peace. Rosaline Hyslop, a POPLC member, has been a key leader and encourager since she and Amber began serving together in 2004 on their first mission trip to Peru with Prince of Peace.  

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