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When preparing for a trip, one takes time to map out the path so they will reach their destination. Milestones at Prince of Peace is like that, but with the family’s faith journey, and specifically the faith journey of the child! The church can help map out what faith looks like for families, centered around Christ.

Milestones are intentional celebrations in the faith journey that a child walks with Jesus Christ. Five milestones will be highlighted: Baptism, Bible, First Communion, Confirmation, and Graduation. As a church we celebrate these faith milestones with families.

Stepping Stones are key teachings for individuals to grow in their faith which are not specific to any age. Stepping Stones keep families walking with Jesus toward the next faith milestone. Five stepping stones will be highlighted: Blessings, Worship, Servanthood, God’s Best for You, and Sticky Faith.

How can I help? If you would like to introduce families to the faith journey, celebrate faith milestones, teach a milestone class, and mentor families on their faith journey, please join the Milestone Team.

Key POP Contact: Mandy Lowe at


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