McWhorter Elementary

Serve in our Community & World

We have partnered with McWhorter Elementary, a Title 1 school, since 2012 believing that as we serve those living in poverty His message of hope, grace, and love goes out. Our desire is to empower the front-line missionaries – the staff, and to strengthen the homes and families of the McWhorter community. Volunteers can serve throughout the year with various initiatives such as pray-for-a-teacher, school supplies, and more!  Those seeking an extended commitment are encouraged to join our team discerning initiatives.

We have also partnered with Academy 4 at McWhorter that connects churches to schools and communities through mentoring 4th graders in leadership in economically disadvantaged schools. For more information click here.


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Visit the Christmas Eve Serving form to see the many areas to serve, as an individual or as a family.