Serve in our Church

It is a great privilege to be a parent and raise our children to know Jesus. We are looking for help in both our Parent Ministry Team and in our Mentor Parent program to help in our social events and in equipping other parents.

Parent Ministry Team

Our church is called to walk alongside families and help nurture faith in the home. Our Parent Ministry Team helps plan our social events to connect parents, invite speakers to share on relevant topics during parent class, and design mentor moments to equip our parents. Please contact us if you are interested in being part of our team!

Parent Mentor

Relationships are at the heart of spiritual growth. Our mentor program is an intentional way to create opportunities for those who have been there before to help guide those who are just starting out. We look for parents who have walked further down the road and ask them to look back. At Prince of Peace, we want parents to have healthy mentors to help show and share the way to be faith leaders in their homes. Please contact us if you have interest in being part of our Mentor Parent program.

Key POP Contact: Mandy Lowe at


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