A single Bible verse changed the world as we know it. Verse 17 reminds us that God’s righteousness is not earned but given through faith. Every day, but especially on this Confirmation Sunday, we stand to confirm that we are unashamed of the Gospel.

Be Active

Talk is cheap. It’s easy and it only costs .02. Actions speak louder than words. Action is hard and costly. Getting stuck in a rut of talk without action should not be the norm for the Church because we are called to be doers and not only hearers of the Word.

Be Awesome

Focus: Perfection is not our goal, but we do believe that the Lord Jesus and those He calls us to serve are worthy of our best. Do our words and deeds reflect this value?

Be Fun

Let’s be honest – Christians are often not fun people to be around. In fact, they can be downright rude, judgmental, confrontational, and all-around sticks in the mud. Can we be honest about the challenges of life while also demonstrating the life of Jesus in a way that is attractive to people who do not know Jesus?

Be Humble Servants

Lydia was most likely a prominent businesswoman who was instrumental in planting the Church in Philippi. Through faith in Jesus, Lydia came to understand what Paul wrote to the Church in Philippi – “in humility count others more significant than yourselves.” (Philippians 2:3)

Be Creative Risk-Takers

We believe that the gates of hell cannot prevail against the Church. However, it seems that the phrase “We’ve never done it that way before,” can bring the mission of the Church to a halt. If his friends had said that, would the paralytic have ever met Jesus?

Be Grace-Centered

What is the Church known for, today? Are we know by what we are for or by what we are against? Can you imagine a time when the people outside the Church held us in, “high esteem?” What was the early Church about that garnered this kind of support from the people?

Be the Church

When you think of someone who is, “In Ministry,” who do you think of? Pastors? Professional church workers? People who know the Bible? The spiritually elite? Come this Sunday and hear why Pastor Micah decided to, “Go out of the Ministry.”

Recalculating: When Plans Change 3

There are times when believers’ plans are changed by their own actions. Like Simon Peter, who we think we are and who God knows we are can be revealed to us which, in turn, results in a change of plans.

Recalculating: When Plans Change 2

We must understand, embrace, and accept the biblical principle that God is in control of our everyday lives. All believers’ plans must be couched within the context of God’s will and based on his Word.