National Youth Gathering

About the 2022 National Youth Gathering

For more than 40 years the youth and adults of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod have come together every 3 years for 5 days to worship, serve, learn, and celebrate our Christian identity as God’s children!

On July 09-13, 2022 an estimated 25,000 or more high school students, adults, and volunteers will meet in the Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas to grow in all things. The theme of the Gathering is based off of Colossians 1:15-20; reminding us God is working for our good in all things!

The Gathering has become an experience which has encouraged, strengthened, and deepened thousands of relationships with Jesus Christ. We encourage students to prayerfully consider taking this journey with the Prince of Peace high school ministry. This year-long process will also help inspire youth in their daily faith walk as we prepare for Houston!


Cost, Chaperones, and travel

The National Youth Gathering is an exciting event which starts today! While you prayerfully consider participation in this event, preparations for the Gathering are underway. This year-long process begins with a family informational meeting, and ends with the Gathering, in between there is meaningful work to be done.

The cost for the Gathering is $1000 per a participant. A $250 non-refundable deposit is due with registration by October 17. The remaining balance of $750 is due by our final participant meeting on June 12. Monthly payments can be made of $94 to help spread out the cost of the Gathering.

The National Youth Gathering takes investment from participants, leadership and the church. We are committed to making NYG as affordable as possible with a budget of $400 for the Gathering fee, $100 for transportation, $250 for lodging and $250 for food.

Chaperones are selected by the leadership of the church. Our policy is 1 chaperone per a 7 youth. We are currently planning on 6 initial chaperones to be recruited. If you are interested in chaperoning the National Youth Gathering you may contact Jeremiah Bauer to have your name considered. We are very intentional about the adult to youth ratio because this impacts the Gathering experience for the youth if too many or too few chaperones are present. We have found the ratio stated above is the right balance of youth to adults. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out and contact Jeremiah.

Travel to and from the Gathering will be by bus. We will be employing our church/school buses to keep the cost of travel low so that the Gathering will be cost effective for everyone participating.


Details about #NYG2022

  • Eligible participants are graduating 8th graders (2022) through graduating high school seniors (2022).
  • The 2022 National Youth Gathering will be held in Houston, Texas from July 08-13, 2022. July 8 will be a travel day.
  • Participants will be expected to have a desire to grow closer to God. They will be expected to have an active role in Youth Ministry as well as participate in all gathering participant meetings and fundraisers.
  • Goals of the Gathering include; “assisting young people grow in their relationship with God and grow in their fellowship of Christ’s Church, provide a way for the Church to reach out, care for, and affirm student’s faith lives, and celebrate Christian Joy in all of Life’s situations.”
  • Travel both to and from the Gathering will be a church bus or rental van from Prince of Peace to Houston.

  • While at the Gathering, our main mode of transportation is walking, youth typically walk from the hotels to gathering events everyday.

  • Hotels are assigned by the Gathering office. Typically located within walking distance to Gathering activities. If hotel is greater than walking distance a shuttle will be provided by the gathering.

  • The cost for NYG is $1000 per person. This includes travel, Gathering fees, hotel, meals and t-shirts. A deposit is due by October 17 Remaining balance of $750 is due by June 12


Mark your calendars

In addition to the participation in the fund raisers, participants are also expected to be present at pre- meetings held before the Gathering to help build relationships so that all the participants can get the most out of the Gathering. Participant meetings will be held from 12-2 pm with lunch provided. Please make sure all the following dates are marked in your calendars:

  • October 17 - $250 Deposit & Registration Due
  • October 24 - First Participant Meeting
  • January 09 - Second Participant Meeting
  • March 20 - Third Participant Meeting
  • June 12 - Final Participant Meeting & Remaining balance due
  • June 26 - Commissioning Sunday

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Jeremiah Bauer, DCE of Faith at Home and Youth Ministry.

Event Coordinator Jeremiah Bauer

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