God Created Us to Serve Him by Serving One Another:

A man was driving his car, when he saw an old lady, stranded on the side of the road. He saw that she needed help. So he stopped his Pontiac near her Mercedes and got out.

He smiled, while he was approaching her, still she was worried, as nobody had stopped for hours. Moreover, he did not look safe, as his appearance was so poor and shabby. He could see, how frightened she was, so he tried to calm her: „ I‘m here to help you, don‘t worry. My name is Bryan Anderson“.

The tire was flat, so he had to crawl under the car. While changing the tire, he got dirty and his hands were hurt.

When the job was done, she asked how much she owed him for his help. Bryan smiled. He said: „If you really want to pay me back, the next time you see someone, who needs help, give that person the needed assistance. And think of me“.

A the same evening, the lady stopped by a small cafe. That place looked dingy. Then she saw a waitress, nearly eight months pregnant, wiping her wet hear with a towel. The waitress had a sweet friendly smile, although she had spent on her feet the whole day.

The lady wondered, how someone, who has so little, can be so kind and giving to a strange. Then she remembered Bryan.

The lady had finished her meal and paid with a hundred dollar bill. The waitress went to get change and when she came back, the lady was gone. She left a note on the napkin: „You don‘t own me anything. Somebody once helped me, just like now I‘m helping you. If you really want to pay me back, do not let this chain of love end with you“. The waitress found four more one hundren bills under the napkin.

That night the waitress came home earlier. She was thinking about the lady and the money she left. She was wondering, how the lady could know, how much she and her husband needed it? Especially now, when the baby will soon arrive. She knew, that her husband worried about that, so she was glad to tell him good news. Then she kissed him and whispered; “Now everything will be all right. I love you, Bryan Anderson”.

Retirement Workshop

All Ages Welcome!

Saturday, February 2 | 9:00am – 1:00pm

Do you think you are too young or too old to plan for retirement?  THINK AGAIN!  This workshop is for everyone.  It’s never too early or too late to plan. 

Free workshop.  Lunch provided.  Location: POPLC Conference Center

Register to Attend

Contact Pastor Ken Holdorf via email HERE to register.

Retirement Is Not Just About Finances

When planning for retirement, the most common issue talked about is finances. While important, money is only one of the many issues that must be addressed regarding an overall healthy retirement.

  1.  Retirement is a relatively new concept.
  2.  The purpose of retirement has changed over the years.
  3.  Retirement years have extended as life expectancy has increased.
  4.  Actual retirement can take place years before and after the age of 65.
  5.  Most people do not adequately plan for retirement.
  6.  There are ten top reasons why people flunk retirement.
  7.  It is common to have a negative attitude about retirement.
  8.  There are 20 common myths about retirement.
  9.  At what age should a person prepare for retirement?
  10.  Planning for retirement involves dealing with questions, fear, concerns and hopes.
  11.  What are the main reasons why people like retirement?
  12.  What are the main reasons why people do not like retirement?
  13.  Retirement from something must also include retirement to something.
  14.  What is your purpose for retirement?
  15.  Have you ever thought about obtaining a Master’s Degree in retirement? 


Contact Pastor Ken Holdorf HERE.

Jan – Feb 2019 Message Series


January 6 (Epiphany): All That is Within Me
Old Testament Reading: Psalm 103: 1-5
Is your soul healthy? We almost never ask this question, but we should. Our physical bodies get a lot of attention. We get annual check-ups. We sign up for hot yoga, Crossfit, and Pilates and pretend to like them. Similarly, our bank accounts, vehicles, children, and lawns get regular attention. But we rarely, if ever, focus on our souls. It’s time for a soul check-up.

January 13: A Quiet Soul
Old Testament Reading: Psalm 131
We talk about slowing down, about finding time to relax and decompress. That’s great in theory, but I’m not sure we can control the volume and velocity of our existence. Living life with this level of intensity can produce anxiety, fear, and a sense of desperation. I wonder, even in a fast and furious world, can we cultivate quiet souls? Can we be calm and peaceful and at rest on the inside, even when all around us is chaos and noise? Psalm 131 gives us insight into David’s unique ability to maintain a quiet and restful soul.

January 20 (MLK weekend): Inside Job
New Testamnet Reading: Philippians 1: 3-6
Where did God start His work? He starts IN you and it is HIS work not yours. This means we don’t have to force anybody to believe, look, act, or talk a certain way. That is God’s responsibility and He is really good at it. This can be frustrating because most of us have discovered that a small dose of threats and condemnation goes a long way. So why wait for God? Because His kind of change is the only authentic, lasting, soul-level change. We may be able to change the outside, but God alone can change the inside.

January 27: Feelings – Good Companion Bad Leader
Old Testament Reading: Psalm 42: 1-11
Psalm 42 reminds us that God knows exactly what is going on inside of us. God is the master architect of the complicated, confusing, and even contradictory constructs that make up our souls. If God designed the human soul, then it’s only logical that he would know how to fix it when it gets out of alignment. Yet sometimes we are so embarrassed by our emotions and so freaked out by our feelings that we avoid the one who knows our souls the best.

February 3 (Super Bowl): Surrendered and Surrounded
New Testament Reading: 1 Corinthians 16: 5-9
We weren’t designed to be alone. We are relational beings. No matter how introspective or shy we might be, we are all designed for community. We are meant to benefit from one another. How do you live an effective life? You surrender to the lover of your soul – but you don’t do it alone. You surround yourself with other surrendered people.

February 10: Love is God or God is Love?
New Testament Reading: 1 Corinthians 13
God is love, and God designed our souls to thrive within the context of authentic love. Just like our need for hope and stability, love is a fundamental desire of our souls. If love is foundational to the human experience, then how do we define and locate love? Either, Love is God or God is love. How you define and locate love makes all the difference.

February 17: Stretchy Souls
Old Testament Reading: Exodus 13: 17-18; 14: 10-14
To grow stronger, your muscles must stretch, hurt, and be torn. You know – “No pain, No gain.” If this is true about our bodies, could it also be true of our souls? The answer is, Yes! Sometimes God will keep us from experiences because our souls are not strong enough. Other times, the Lord will see us through times of pain when he stretches and heals our souls.

February 24: Soul Anchor
New Testament Reading: Hebrews 6: 17-20
In this series, we are defining the soul as the “inside you.” It’s your heart; your inner being; your mind, will, and emotions. If you are like me, your soul has the tendency to drift like a boat on a sea. The purpose of an anchor is to keep you from drifting. It keeps you from being carried by every wake and current that swirls past. Ultimately, an anchor keeps you from capsizing. We all need an anchor for our soul.

March 3: Your True Identity
New Testament Reading: Ephesians 2: 1-10
Sometimes we like to think that we are doing pretty good before knowing God, and then we found God, and then we got even better. In reality, we were dead, lost and helpless, then God found us, and he completely changed us. We are new people, born anew from the inside out. We are not remodeled or whitewashed versions of our old selves. Our souls are born again. They have been made brand-new. This is your true identity.

A Special End-of-Year Giving Opportunity

Are you looking to donate funds as we approach the end of 2018? Consider giving over and above your regular tithe to four areas of ministry​:

​​1. General Fund​ ($100,000)
2. Replace​ Children’s ​Play Area in the Fellowship Center ($100,000)
3. Conference Center Upgrades ($50,000)
​4. ​Financial Assistance for 30+ ​​Students ​attending the 2019 LCMS Youth Gathering in Minneapolis​ ($30,000)

Questions? Contact Meredith Wheeler (Church Administrator) or Al Johnson (Business Operations).

Ways to Give

1. ONLINE: Go HERE to give online (preferred method)
2. SUNDAY OFFERING: Put a check in the Sunday offering. Make checks payable to “Prince of Peace Lutheran Church”, note which ministry you’re giving to in the memo section.
3. MAIL: Mail a check (see #2) to Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Attention Sandy Ericksen, 4000 Midway Road, Carrollton, TX 75007.

Want to donate stocks or other means of income? ​Contact Al Johnson.


The Bauer Family

Our new Youth Director, Jeremiah Bauer, his wife, Kaitlin, and their sons, Caleb (3) and Levi (18 mos), will be moving ​to Texas the last week of November.


First Time Home Owners

Remember the first time you purchased a home? There is so much to do! Stock the refrigerator and pantry. Buy furniture. Landscaping. The list goes on and on. YOU can engage in welcoming the Bauers to Texas and POPLC by serving in one of three ways:

1. Purchase or Donate Needed ​​Appliances, etc.
They are in need of the following: Refrigerator, Washer & Dryer, Lawnmower, Edger, Weed Eater, Blower and Large Ladder.

If you would like to purchase or donate (if donating, only items that are LIKE NEW, barely used) one of these items for the Bauer family, contact Dave Rahberg for measurements, to arrange delivery or donate funds.
2. Purchase Designated Gift Cards
You can help with expenses by donating funds for gift cards to Kroger, Target, Home Depot and Walmart.

Visit the designated table in the Fellowship Center on Sundays, November 18 & 25 and December 2 to donate funds for gift cards.
Questions? Contact Madelyn Sosinski.
3. ​Help Prepare Their Home for Move-In
We are assembling a team of 10 people to help with minor repairs and cleaning. Want to help? Contact Dick Ranker.

Welcome Notes

Help welcome the Bauer family to POPLC by flooding them with welcome notes! Stop by the Fellowship Center between November 18 and December 2 and write a note. Supplies provided.
>>> Jeremiah’s installation will be on Sunday, December 9. Go HERE for details.

$2,925+ was given to Prince of Peace Lutheran Church for Giving Tuesday 2018! Thank you to everyone who supported the ministry of POPLC as we continue to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and lead others to a relationship with Him!

Giving Tuesday is NOVEMBER 27

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes #GivingTuesday, a global day of generosity! We invite and encourage YOU to give to Prince of Peace Lutheran Church on Tuesday, November 27.

How to Give to POPLC

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Mission and Vision of POPLC

To learn more about the mission and vision of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, go HERE.

How will the Donations be Used?

All donations received on November 27, will be used for ministry needs, outreach and property.

What is #GivingTuesday?

#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. Learn more HERE.

A Service of Celebration for (Coach) Phil Taylor’s Eternal Life

Monday, October 1, 2018
7:00 PM Central Time

Phil Taylor

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
4000 Midway Rd, Carrollton, TX 75007
Light reception to follow.

If you feel so led to honor Coach Taylor, he requested that in lieu of flowers donations be made to POPCS Football, Orange Lutheran Football in Orange, CA, TCU Football, or the Martin Truex, Jr. Foundation for Childhood Cancers.

The service will be livestreamed. Please go to at 6:45pm Central Time on Monday, October 1 to watch the stream on Facebook.
(You do not have to have a Facebook account. Just click “not now” when Facebook’s Create an Account box pops up.)

October 7 – November 18, 2018



(Excerpts below are from the Red Letter Challenge website)

The mission of Red Letter Challenge (RLC) is to help people live more like Jesus. Sadly, when people think of Jesus-followers it is a far cry from who Jesus actually is. After all that Jesus has done for us, we cannot be content with the picture and representation that we are sharing. We must change the story and perception of who Jesus is. At RLC, we believe that if people truly met the real Jesus, they would really fall in love with Him.

So how do we change the story that we are telling?

We go back to Christ’s words. You know, those red letters in your Bible. It turns out He had a lot to say to His followers about what we are called to do and how we are called to live.

The RLC will help you:

1. Have a deeper relationship with Jesus.
2. Receive God’s forgiveness in your life and give grace to others.
3. Give you a greater heart of service.
4. Help you become more generous.
5. Give you confidence to speak about what Jesus has done in your life.

Ready to take the challenge?

​The RLC sermon series will kickoff on Sunday, October 7. Day 1 of reading the book will begin on Tuesday, October 9. We encourage ​YOU and YOUR FAMILY to engage in the RLC in 3 ways:

The Red Letter Challenge, authored by Past Zach Zehnder, will be the book we use during our 40 day challenge together. It will be available (suggested donation of $15) on Sundays in the Fellowship Center, by contacting Madelyn Sosinski or you can donate online HERE and pick up your book at the church.

Every Sunday during the Red Letter Challenge, the sermon messages will kick-off that week’s theme and daily readings. We invite and strongly encourage you to come EACH SUNDAY.

A critical, impactful part of the RLC is journeying through it WITH OTHERS! RLC Groups encourage accountability, fellowship, relationship building and structure while you journey through the challenge.

Starting Sunday, September 16 – Sunday, October 7, signups will be available to join a group. Head out into the Fellowship Center and look for the RLC Group table. There you will see over 12 groups meeting at different times and days of the week.

Groups will begin meeting during the week of October 14 and go through the week of November 11 for a total of five weeks. You can signup with a group when you grab a book or by contacting Madelyn Sosinski.

Are you already in a small group or meet regularly with a group of people for Bible study? Would your busy family like to do the challenge together? Contact Madelyn Sosinski. for the RLC Group devotion guide.

Need more information?

Visit the Red Letter Challenge website HERE.
Contact Madelyn Sosinski.

Sunday Series Information

What if we stopped reading about Jesus and started putting his Red Letter words into practice? What if following Jesus is not as complicated as you think? What if we stopped trying to find our purpose and our place? What if by putting the words of Jesus into practice, we discover who He is and who He has created us to be? If you ask these and other questions, then join us as we take the Red Letter Challenge.

October 7: Introduction
New testament Reading: Matthew 7: 24-27
More than half of the words in the Gospels come from the mouth of Jesus. These are the Red Letters of Scripture. We memorize them, we quote them, we write books about them, we post them on social media. Jesus called us to do none of these things. He called us to do them!

October 14: Week 1 – BEING
New Testament Reading: Matthew 11:25-30
Let’s face it, life is busy. Too busy! You’re five days into the Red Letter Challenge. If you’re like most people, you’ve already missed a day or two, or three, or five. In our desire to follow Jesus we often jump into action and forget that our DOING flows out of our BEING with Jesus. In the coming weeks, Jesus will call us to Forgive, to Serve, to Give, and to Go. None of these are possible unless we first learn to rest in Being with Jesus.

October 21: Week 2 – FORGIVING
New Testament Reading: John 7:53-8:11
As followers of Jesus we are always asking, “What is my purpose?” We ask the question, but do we really want the answer? What if the answer is to forgive that person who has wounded you deeply? What if the answer is to put down your self-righteous stones that make you feel better than others. What if Jesus is calling His followers to be known for what they are FOR than what they are AGAINST?

October 28: Week 3 – SERVING
New Testament Reading: John 13:6-17
We are motivated by expectations. We give and serve but we expect something in return. We may start without expectations but at some point, we ask, “What’s in it for me?” As we follow Jesus and put his words into action, He calls us to serve without expecting anything in return. This is the true heart of a servant.

November 4: Week 4 – GIVING
New Testament Reading: Luke 9:10-17
Today is day 27 of the 40-day Red Letter Challenge. So far we have journeyed through Being, Forgiving, and Serving. Now we begin one of the most challenging weeks – Giving. There are more Red Letters about giving than almost any other subject. So why is this one more difficult than others? Maybe because you have never experienced how the Lord multiplies your giving for His Kingdom work. This week, Jesus invites you to put Him to the test.

November 11: Week 5 – GOING
New Testament Reading: Matthew 28:16-20
Jesus and His disciples began their journey on a mountain in Galilee. After His death and resurrection, Jesus brings His disciples back to the mountain where it all started. Jesus brings them back to their simple beginning. At the beginning they are reminded that His words are trustworthy and true. They are reminded that every Red Letter happened just as Jesus said it would. The challenge for the disciples, and for us, is will we follow His call to “Go and make disciples?”

November 18: Red Letter Challenge Wrap-up
New Testament Reading: John 15:1-17
The Red Letter challenge is over. How did you do? Did you make it all the way through? Did you start and stop a few times? Did you only do a few days? Did you read the devotions but not act on them? Whatever your experience, Jesus calls you to continue to trust His Words and do them. But before you keep following Him and trusting Him, Jesus reminds you that He is your source of strength. For He says, “Apart from me, you can do nothing.”